Little Island EP

by The Lost Shores



If Green Leaves is the theatrical side of the Spring songs, Little Island is the carnival. On “The Two Sisters”, one of the centerpieces of Green Leaves, we hear of the poets painting pictures on the sidewalk with words, alcoholics gallivanting the city streets, intellectuals blowing their own minds on caffeine highs. In Little Island, we walk among them. Four love songs in the truest sense devoted to the senselessness of a New York life – here we step out into the streets with Richard Aufrichtig, at one with his utter bewilderment.


released August 16, 2011

All Songs Written by Richard Aufrichtig
Produced/Recorded/Mastered: Katie Buchanan
Except: "Blown Out" and "New York" recorded by Mike Witzer

Recorded Primarily July 2010 in Lower Manhattan and the surrounding New York Area

Who plays on what:

"Blown Out"
Guitar/Vocals: Richard
Drums: Mike Witzer
Bass: Katie Buchanan

"Coming Back to New York State of Mind"
Ukulele/Vocals: Richard

"New York
Vocals: Richard Aufrichtig
Mini D'jembe: Katie Buchanan
Shaker: Mike Witzer

Ukulele/Vocals/Hand Claps/Bass: Richard Aufrichtig
Banjo/Handcaps/LdGuitars: Katie Buchanan
Choir: A.P. Andrews, Andrew Farmer, Alex Johnson, Emilyn Kowaleski & Carina Renner

Cover Artwork:
Collage by William Henry Moody IV
Commissioned by Richard Aufrichtig



all rights reserved


The Lost Shores Brooklyn, New York

The musical project surrounding the songs of Richard Aufrichtig.

"lo-fi troubadour" - Time Out New York

“Fitting snuggly within a loosely defined set of
epic-minded solo troubadours” – The Deli

“...the[re is a] radiating sense of inclusion
unique to his performance and
uncharacteristic of the generally cliquey
indie/folksy scene that Brooklyn is known
for.” – YAM Magazine
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Track Name: Blown Out
When it started out I saw your face in
Diuretic won't forget it
When it started out I saw your face
I saw your face, I saw your face

Sitting outside at the end of spring
Everyone out there has everything
Everyone out there has everything
Everyone out there has everything

Everyone out there has everything
Everyone out there has everything

I guess it's time for a new idea
Something bigger than my body to get me out of here
Somewhere where the sidewalks are more than where the pretty women walk

Pretty women walk in the sun
They do that for themselves and for everyone
Track Name: Coming Back To New York State of Mind
I'm gonna be the greatest poet the world has ever seen
Women will faint when they see my face on a magazine
Something hidden beneath my despair
Will dodge the bullets everywhere

Shooting at me, well they'll miss their mark
All the clothes I wear are dark
And all my words will blow their minds infinitely

Well, I'm gonna be the biggest star on the movie screen
All the other movie stars will be jealous of me
Not because they want my hair
Or naked women everywhere

Naked women is only a part
Of my expert plan to break their hearts
All my words will blow their minds infinitely
Track Name: New York
It all fell away
Some old shiny day
Percolating ideas in the summer sun

Girls in t-shirts run
On city sidewalks, run
To their deaths and their mothers

It's a bad idea
To come out in here
It's hot and it's humid

If you're looking for some fun
Talk to anyone
They'll say "fuck off, forever"

If you got a good idea
Take it out of here
Take it somewhere where the people like to listen

If you got any money
Give me all your money
Track Name: Manhattan
Tried to think of something to sing, but there was nothing left to say
Words have nothing to do with singing anyway
Now I'll try to go to sleep and dream of something true
Manhattan, I hate you
Manhattan, I hate you

I used to dream of everything I could find on your streetcorner
Now I dream of getting out of you once and for good
Everybody likes to say that you're what dreams are made of
You like to kill them, too
You like to kill them, too

Manhattan, I hate you